SAMOSAFER builds on the results of the SAMOFAR project

Bringing nuclear safety to the next level

SAMOSAFER aims to develop and demonstrate new safety barriers for more controlled behaviour of Molten Salt Reactors in severe accidents to ensure that the MSR can comply with all expected regulations in 30 years’ time.

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  • SAMOSAFER project overview

    28th February 2024

    Watch the new YouTube video to get an overview of the SAMOSAFER project!

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  • SAMOSAFER final meeting & exploitations workshop, November 28-29, 2023

    6th December 2023

    Presentations of the work package teams and invited speakers are now available!

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  • Best poster award

    6th December 2023

    The SAMOSAFER Final Meeting & Exploitation Workshop jury awarded the Best Poster Prize to the poster "A closed fuel cycle option using the MSFR concept with chloride salts and the U/Pu cycle" by H. Pitois, D. Heuer, A. Laureau, E. Merle, M. Alibert and S. Delpech.

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  • Presentations & Book of Abstracts, YMSR conference

    7th June 2022

    Are you interested in the work presented by young researchers during the SAMOSAFER Young MSR Conference, held on 6-8 June 2022? Check out the Young MSR Book of Abstracts and Presentations.

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