SAMOSAFER builds on the results of the SAMOFAR project

Programme & Slides of presentations

November 28, 2023 Final meeting

08:30Registration & coffee
09:00Welcome & Overview of SAMOSAFER project – Slides
10:00Coffee break
10:30WP1 Safety requirements and risk identification – Slides
11:15WP2 Fuel salt retention – Slides
12:00Lunch & Poster session
13:30WP3 Source term distribution and mobility – Slides
14:15WP4 Fuel salt confinement – Slides
15:00Coffee break
15:30WP5 Heat removal and temperature control – Slides
16:15WP6 Reactor operation, reactor control and safety demonstration – Slides
17:00Poster session – Winning poster
20:00Social dinner

November 29, 2023 Exploitation workshop

08:30Registration & coffee
09:00Welcome & Introduction
09:15Video presenting SAMOSAFER results – coming soon
09:30Presentation about the use of the SAMOSAFER results in a new project proposal, Stefano Lorenzi, Politecnico di Milano – Slides
09:45Status and prospect of R&D at CEA on molten salt reactors, Jean-Claude Garnier, CEA – Slides
10:15Coffee break
10:45Keynote lecture: ‘Pando’s Lessons’, Myriam Tonelotto
11:00Presentations by Start-up companies about their designs and needs

  • Stellaria – Slides
  • Thorizon – Slides
  • Seaborg, Naarea (confidential)
12:30Lunch & Poster session 
14:00Presentations by industrial companies:

  • Position & Vision MSR, Thomas Boisseau, Framatome – Slides
  • Value added of MSRs in spent fuel management strategies, Isabelle Morlaes, Orano Group – Slides
14:45‘Expert presentation’, Rui Tang, Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics – Slides
15:15Students from SAMOSAFER presenting their experiments

  • SAMOSAFER experimental facilities: DYNASTY -eDYNASTY, Carolina Introini, PoliMi – Slides
  • ESPRESSO Experimental Facility, Bouke Kaaks, TU Delft – Slides
  • Natural Circulation Experiment for Study of Fluid Stability, Jonas Sebastian Narvaez Arrua, CNRS/PoliMi – Slides
16:00Coffee break
16:30MSR licensing from European perspective:

  • Licensing Process in Canada, Sean Belyea, CNSC – Slides
  • Preparation of MSR Licensing in France, Olivier Baudrand, IRSN – Slides
  • Regulatory framework for Molten Salt Reactors in the Netherlands, Rick Bulk, ANVS – Slides
17:00Roundtable with regulators
17:15US prospects on MSR:

  • Overview of MSR Program, Patricia Paviet – Slides
  • Promise and Challenge of MSR, David Holcomb –¬†Slides
18:00Conclusions and Adjourn